Privacy Policy


  • Our Identity: Meet Stocks Squad, a prominent software provider serving the hospitality sector. In terms of your personal data, Stocks Squad is in charge and accountable. When we mention “our website” within this document, we’re talking about the websites that belong to Stocks Squad, found at
  • Our Principles and Purpose of this Policy: Your privacy holds immense importance to us. We are committed to being responsible, just, and open with you regarding the gathering and utilization of your personal data. Furthermore, we aim to empower you with an understanding of your rights concerning your information, accessible here.
  •  Who falls under the scope of this policy:

This policy extends to:

Those who explore our website; Individuals engaging with our software (which includes suppliers in the hospitality industries along with their customers), as well as the staff of these users; Potential customers (who receive our marketing communications); Individuals who reach out to us with inquiries; and Our service providers, along with their employees. Depending on the nature of our interaction, we will gather and employ your information in varying manners.

  • What you’ll discover within this policy:

This privacy policy encompasses the following significant areas concerning your information (navigate through the links to delve deeper):

The methods by which we obtain your personal information; The types of personal information we amass and the ways we employ it; The legal grounds for utilizing your personal information; How and why we share your personal information with others; The mechanisms and duration of storing your personal information; Your entitlements; Marketing endeavors; Situations in which your personal information might be transferred; Potential risks and our measures for securing your personal information; Connections to external websites; Modifications to this privacy policy; and Additional inquiries and the process for raising complaints.

 Your authority to voice objections: You possesses several rights regarding our utilization of your personal information. Two primary rights you should be aware of are:

You can request the cessation of your personal information’s use for direct marketing purposes. Should you exercise this right, we will halt the use of your personal information for such intentions. You can urge us to assess any valid objections you have concerning our utilization of your personal information, especially when we process it based on our own or another person’s legitimate interests.


We are committed to consistently and effectively adopting measures, processes, and structures to uphold our responsibilities according to the Privacy Act. Feel free to reach out to us at if you need any clarifications regarding this policy or any related concerns.


We may collect various types of personal information including:

  • Your name, contact details (such as phone numbers, address, email), and other means of communication.
  • Additional personal details you willingly provide, such as age, date of birth, location, nationality, and entry date.
  • Business-related particulars, including business address, manufacturing or food production facility details, pricing information, and other necessary data for service provision.
  • Information shared from your social network profiles.
  • When utilizing specific features of our Site and Application, particularly our mobile apps, we might receive, store, and process different kinds of location-related information. This could include general details like IP address and postal code, as well as more precise data from GPS-enabled functions on mobile devices. If you prefer not to share location information, you can disable relevant functions on your mobile device as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • We might collect, store, and process Log Data, which encompasses automatically recorded information like IP address, access time, hardware, and software details, referring and exit pages, clicked links, page sequence, and time spent on each page, regardless of whether you have a Stocks Squad account.
  • How you discovered or were referred to our services.
  • On occasion, we may gather more sensitive information, including bank account and credit card particulars (“Confidential Information”). Disclosure of such data is subject to your explicit consent or necessity for service delivery.
  • Our Site or Application could integrate third-party social plugins, like Facebook’s Like Button, provided by external companies. This might result in transmitting information about the content you’re viewing to these third parties. If you’re not logged into your third-party account, your identity may remain undisclosed. However, if logged in, they could link your interaction with our Site or Application to your account.

To learn more about third-party data practices, such as the information they collect and its usage, please review the respective third party’s privacy policy.

  • Cookies Usage Policy

We utilize cookies on certain pages of our Stocks Squad website. Cookies are small files that are placed on your internet browser when you visit our site. These cookies enhance your browsing experience by remembering your preferences, allowing us to tailor your future interactions.

  • You can block our website’s cookies whenever you wish. To do this, adjust your browser settings to reject some or all cookies. Yet, be aware that blocking all cookies, including essential ones, might limit your access to parts of our site and its features.
  • To gain detailed insights into the cookies we employ and their purposes, please consult our comprehensive cookies policy provided here.
  • We do not gather special categories of data, which encompass information concerning health, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political views, philosophical beliefs, trade union affiliation, and biometric details.
  • Information Collection

We gather data through various means, which include:

  • Completing forms on our Site or Application, such as during registration or user account updates, and providing ID verification info.
  • Interacting with the Site or Application, like searching for or posting Menus, placing or accepting orders, making payments, booking services (e.g., delivery), posting comments or reviews, and communicating with other users.
  • Connecting your Stocks Squad account with a third-party site (e.g., Facebook), where we obtain Personal Information as permitted by your settings and authorization.
  • Engaging in communication with Stocks Squad.
  • Aggregating data from public sources, like search engines, websites, social media, public databases, third-party references, personal contacts, and industry connections.
  • Metadata.
  • Cookies (Note: You can disable this option in browser settings, but some parts of the Site or Application may not function properly or at all):

A cookie, a small file of letters and numbers, is downloaded onto a device when accessing specific websites or applications. It helps these platforms recognize a user’s device, containing the domain it originated from and its lifespan (typically expiring after a set period).

  • Information Utilization (How we use the information)

We gather and employ information for business objectives regarding our offerings, services, and interactions with our clientele through Stocks Squad. The following applications of this data are applicable:

  • Primary Service Provision: To furnish the services you’ve requested and to fulfill purposes for which you’ve given consent, either within these terms or in separate communications.
  • Potential Transfers: In situations like mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, asset sales, bankruptcy, or insolvency, your Personal Information may be transferred after notifying you and under a distinct privacy policy.
  • Enhancement and Protection: To optimize, safeguard, and advance our Site, Application, and business, incorporating research, personalization, advertising, and marketing. Aggregated statistical reports devoid of identifying particulars may be used, sold, or licensed to third parties.
  • Service Communication: For outreach regarding our Services, including updates, notifications, announcements, and additional insights about our operations.
  • Security and Trust: To uphold a secure environment on our platforms, including fraud detection, risk assessment, identification verification, and checks against government databases.
  • Site Enhancement: To improve the functionality of our Site and Application, augmenting the visitor and user experience.
  • Research and Development: To refine services via third-party research and development.
  • Support and Handling: For addressing support requests, resolving complaints, and delivering service, administrative, and technical messages.
  • Marketing and Promotion: With your consent, to convey marketing messages, promotional content, and relevant details, allowing you to manage communication preferences through your account settings.
  • Programs and Activities: Administration of referral programs, rewards, surveys, contests, and events, including interaction facilitation and sharing of submissions.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Submission of relevant information to food regulatory authorities.
  • Terms Enforcement: To uphold adherence to our Terms of Service.
  • Resolution and Legal Proceedings: Addressing disputes, legal matters, or conflicts among users, third parties, or us.
  • Legal Requirements: Fulfillment of lawful obligations necessitating the provision of personal information to external parties.
  • Disclosure of Information
  • Sharing with Our Group Companies: We may share your personal data with our affiliated companies for internal administrative reasons, encompassing corporate strategy, compliance, auditing, research, development, and quality assurance, when it serves our legitimate interests.
  • Sharing with Third Parties: (a) Sharing with other users and their employees for transactions involving our software, and the reciprocal sharing by other users. (b) Sharing with other users based on identified mutual interests. (c) Sharing with hostinger, our website host, who will also share data with us. (d) Sharing with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for software hosting and support. (e) Sharing anonymized and aggregated statistics with industry suppliers. (f) Sharing with service providers including payment processors, insurers, logistic partners, and cloud services. (g) Sharing with public agencies and emergency services. (h) Sharing with marketing partners like SurveyMonkey & Qualtrics. (i) Sharing with analytics and search engine providers.
  • Limited Use by Third Parties: Third parties receiving your data are bound by privacy and security obligations aligned with this policy and relevant laws.
  • Further Disclosures: (a) In line with business interests for growth and development, including asset sales or acquisitions. (b) In compliance with legal obligations, requests, or national security requirements. (c) For enforcement of terms, protection of rights, safety, or prevention of unlawful activity. (d) To safeguard Stocks Squad, its staff, customers, or others, which might involve sharing for fraud protection and credit risk reduction.
  •  Anonymized and Aggregated Data: We may share anonymized, aggregated reports and statistics for internal reporting, group purposes, and marketing. These reports won’t identify users personally.
  • Consent and Control: Except as explicitly outlined here, your personal information won’t be disclosed, shared, sold, or rented without notice and consent. If you change your consent, contact us, and we’ll cease it.
  • Information Inclusions, Sharing & Control

Inclusion in Search Engines: The Site or Application may index your public profile and Menu pages in search engines, appearing as search results. This feature is on by default and can be altered in your settings. Note that changes may not swiftly affect third-party search engines using cached data.

Disclosure During Order Processing: Limited info is shared with Makers upon order request. More details are disclosed when an order is accepted or made. Your billing and payout data remains private.

Reviews and Ratings: Buyers and Makers review and rate each other post-transaction. Reviews may appear publicly on the Site or Application.

Third-Party Display: Parts of the Site or Application, including your Menu, may be shown on Stock Squad partners’ sites. Your public profile info may also be displayed.

Shared with Related Entities and Third Parties: Related entities and third-party service providers may process your info for similar purposes as us, bound by privacy and security obligations.

Integration with Social Networks: Linking your social network account shares certain details with Stocks Squad activities may be visible to Friends, and commonalities may be displayed.

Direct Marketing Consent: Using the App permits us and our group companies to use your info for direct marketing, subject to opting out.

Cross-Border Data Sharing: Personal info may be shared within our Company group, potentially stored outside Australia with appropriate safeguards.

Use of Identifiers: We use our identifiers, unless legal requirements dictate otherwise.

Ensuring Info Accuracy: We make reasonable efforts to keep your data accurate and updated upon your notification.

Data Security Measures: We safeguard your data through various means, including employee confidentiality, physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards, and contractual obligations with third parties.

Correction and Account Access: You can amend or delete personal info in your Stocks Squad account. Certain refusals may apply, as outlined.

Complaints and Further Info: Contact us or the GDPR Team on for privacy concerns.

Privacy on Third-Party Sites: External sites linked on the Site or Application have separate rules for info collection, use, and disclosure.

Google Maps/Earth Integration: Google Maps/Earth services used on the Site or Application are subject to Google’s terms and privacy policy.

Special Features and Programs: Details regarding referrals, references, affiliate programs, and definitions are outlined.

  • Legal Bases for Processing Personnel Data

At Stock Squad, safeguarding your privacy and complying with global data protection laws are our top priorities. Our data processing is guided by these principles:

  • Lawful and Fair Processing: We process your personal data lawfully, ensuring it’s used for specific and legitimate purposes and not in ways incompatible with these purposes.
  • Relevance and Adequacy: We collect only relevant and necessary personal data, keeping it accurate and up to date for intended use.
  • Storage Limitation: Your personal data is retained only as long as needed for specified purposes, securely disposed of afterward.
  • Respect for Your Rights: We respect your rights as data subjects and process your data in line with applicable laws.
  • Security and Protection: We implement technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your data, preventing unauthorized access or disclosure.

Our commitment to transparency and responsible data handling ensures that your confidence in our services is well-placed. For any questions or concerns about your personal data or our practices, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Revisions to Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy could undergo updates periodically. Any modifications to our privacy policy will be published on this platform and, if necessary, conveyed to you via mail or email. Kindly revisit this section regularly to stay informed about any revisions or adjustments to our privacy policy.