About Us

About us

We are Stocks Squad, a wholesale platform from Qatar, offering a smart one-stop shop for wholesale procurement solutions.
Our platform streamlines the ordering process, increases profits, and provides access to a wider range of suppliers and better pricing.
We’ve built our idea to improve the traditional methods of the wholesale sector, and we continuously search for better ways to help these industries thrive.
Our platform also offers full cost reporting and automatically syncs invoices and financial reports with your financial systems. Join us in transforming the wholesale industry!

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a prominent leader within the Wholesale distribution market by connecting local & international suppliers, vendors and restaurants making it convenient for all businesses that have never previously digitized the procurement and wholesale process under one platform.

Working at Stocks Squad

What unites Stocks Squad employees across teams is that we’re all striving to provide our partners with the products and services they need to thrive.
The scope and scale of our mission drives us to seek diverse perspectives, be resourceful, and navigate through ambiguity. Building a platform that connects the B2B business in a seamless and efficient way is not easy, but we embrace this challenge every day.
By working together on behalf of our partners, we’re building a better future for everyone involved. Are you ready to embrace the challenge? Come build the future with us.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    We consistently prioritize doing the right thing, even when faced with challenges.

  • Teamwork

    We believe in achieving collective success, transforming every participant into a winner.

  • A Will to Win

    We exhibit courage and dedication, going the extra mile to deliver unparalleled experiences.

  • Always Learning

    Our curious mindset drives continuous innovation and improvement.

  • Building a better world for the future

    Our commitment extends to creating an environmentally sustainable system that nurtures the entire ecosystem.

  • Food for Thought

    We recognize our purpose in minimizing food waste and revolutionizing how the hospitality industry manages excess food.

Guided by these core values, we are dedicated to realizing our vision of revolutionizing the Wholesale distribution market.