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Discover the best wholesale suppliers on a single, comprehensive platform, streamline the processes of ordering, selecting, invoicing, and payment management.
All in one space.


The Fastest Way to Order

Manage all your wholesale orders online in one place where your team can easily access it.



Save more time by being centralized!

Centralize your orders online and reduce 70% valuable working hours using one tool only.


Complete Transparency on Prices

Search and compare numerous wholesale providers and access all pricing information upfront.

Get More Business Insights

Understand your COGS through our reporting tools and accounting integrations.

Say Goodbye to Manual Work

Resolve your traditional invoicing method by using our advanced technology 

Standing Orders

Set your order at a certain timeframe you desire so you won't run out of essentials.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Stocks squad, we understand the importance of timely and high-quality supply chain management. Our platform is designed to help the wholesale industry serving different sectors in streamlining their supply chain processes and optimizing their operations for maximum efficiency and profitability

We are on a journey to help the hospitality industry streamline its operations.

Why you need Stocksquad Software now

Search & Browse Vendors

Get access to search, compare, and select your products from multiple suppliers to help you reduce the costs of your goods. Our platform helps in the supplier evaluation rating process and gives your business an upper hand to choose your preferentiability

All-In-One Tool for whole Team

With Stocks Squad, you can order all your supplies from multiple suppliers under one account and invite your team to place orders from different venues. No more confusion in placing orders.

Innovative Reporting Tools

Get detailed reports and insights on your COGS spending and where you could save up on them and make smarter decisions for your business.

Accounting Integrations

No more manual entries and juggling between invoices & spreadsheets. Our system can automatically be integrated with range of accounting software so you can connect and automate all your invoices, focus more on business.

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We are here to help you to digitize your business

At its core, Stock Squad is a smart platform giving you full price transparency across thousands of products and the freedom to order from hundreds of wholesale suppliers whenever you like. Our team of experts can also help you go further and take full control of your COGs to grow your business.

Both vendors and suppliers can use it to expand their access with the support of technology to improve their day to day tasks

Please click on supplier or vendor, complete the sign up form and our team will contact you within 24 hours.